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These are all highly detailed large CAD files.
Please request one or more of these formats on your PayPal invoice
Can be converted for you to some other formats as well.
Models will come with any textures or maps required.
These are 3D CAD models, NOT real objects.
All sales final, no refund on 3D CAD models.

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All Prices Are In Canadian Dollars

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Blender Food Processor 20.00

Desk Fan 20.00

Popcorn Machine 40.00

Thermometer 20.00
Wood Cook Stove
View 2

2 Litre Bottle 20.00
3 Ring Binder 20.00
Ashtray 20.00
Bathtub 50.00
Bathtub fixtures 25.00
Boot Jack   Free 3DS    3DM    DWG
Bottle Water 20.00
Bread Pans 10.00
Aquarium And Cabinet   Free DWG    MAP1   MAP2
Bucket 20.00
Cedar Chest Cabinet   Free DWG
Chiminea 20.00
Coke Can 20.00
Fawcett 20.00
Fawcett 2 25.00
Rifle Cabinet   Free DWG
Stereo Cabinet   Free DWG
Kitchen Floor Cabinets w Sink Cutout   Free DWG
Kitchen Floor Cabinets   Free DWG
Kitchen Wall Cabinets   Free DWG
Adirondack Chair 20.00
Chair Boardroom 20.00
Ghost Chair 20.00
Chair Lawn   Free DWG
Chair LC2 Corbrusier 30.00
Chair LC2 And Table 50.00
Chair Outdoor   Free DWG
Plastic Chair 20.00
Chair Pool   Free DWG
Chair Pool2   Free DWG
Christmas Bow   Free 3DS   3DM   DWG
Clothes Line Pulley 20.00
Clothes Pin 20.00
Coffee Cups 20.00
Coffee Table Glass 30.00
Cowboy Boot   Free 3DS
Curtains Large Left   Free DWG
Curtains Large Right   Free DWG
Curtains Short   Free DWG
Curtains Longer   Free DWG
Desk Metal 20.00

Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher 2


Foot Stool 20.00
Frying Pan 20.00
Gillette Mach 3 Razor 20.00
Graniteware Coffee Pot 20.00
Jewelry Box Stained Glass   Free 3DS
Jewelry Box 2 30.00
Fancy Lantern 20.00
Match Holder   Free DWG
Meat Grinder or Mincer
View 1

View 2
Mouse Trap 20.00
Mug Glass 20.00
Note Pad   Free 3DS   3DM   DWG
Paper Cup 20.00

Picture and Frame Octagon   Free DWG    MAP
Plant Pot Terracota   Free DWG
Pottery Large Floor   Free DWG   MAP
Razor Blade 20.00
Sad Iron 30.00

Speaker Large Floor   Free DWG
Kitchen Shelf   Free DWG
Scissors 20.00
Shelf Metal 30.00

Shelves 30.00

Spray Bottle 20.00
Spray Can 20.00

Stethoscope 30.00

Table 20.00

Table Chair Outdoor Set 20.00
Picnic Table 20.00
Table Glass 20.00
Table Eileen Gray Adjustable 25.00
Table Lamp Stand   Free DWG
Table Medium End   Free DWG
Table Microwave   Free DWG
Table Outdoor 20.00
Table Drafting 55.00
Thermal Mug 20.00
Toothbrush 20.00
Transistor Radio
View 1

View 2
Thread Spool 20.00
Utensils 2.00
Brass Vase 20.00
Watch Ladies
View 2
View 3

Watch Stop 30.00
Water Bottle
View 2
Water Bottle2 30.00
Water Cooler   Free DWG
Work Bench 30.00

Work BenchFlat 20.00

Writing Pad 20.00 Free 3DS   DWG