Teds 3D Models


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Custom modeling and changes to these models is also available by email request.

These are all large highly detailed CAD files.
Please request one or more of these formats on your PayPal invoice
Can be converted for you to most standard formats.
Models will come with any textures or maps required.
These are 3D CAD models, NOT real objects.
All sales final, no refund on 3D CAD models.

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3 Way Inline Adaptor (25K) 6 Way Adaptor (33K) Adaptor 3Way.jpg (19320 bytes) 12 Volt Power Supply (44K) Trailer Plug Adaptor 5th Wheel To Utility A-Data 8 GB Flash Memory Chip
Adapter Serial - PS2.jpg (17549 bytes) Adaptor 12v Plug.jpg (25707 bytes) Adaptor BNC T.jpg (35299 bytes) Adaptor Keyboard - PS2.jpg (18186 bytes) Adaptor PS2 - Serial.jpg (19666 bytes) Adaptor PS2 - USB.jpg (16673 bytes)
Adaptor RS232 - 9 Pin.jpg (23957 bytes) Aligator Clip (37k) Amprobe Case.jpg (22010 bytes) Amprobe Probes.jpg (33374 bytes) Amprobe.jpg (35988 bytes) ATV Barrery
9 Volt Battery (56k) Battery AA.jpg (20181 bytes) Battery Charger.jpg (29650 bytes) Battery D.jpg (22408 bytes) Battery Drill.jpg (19967 bytes) Lantern Battery (30K)
Cable Clamp (32k) Cable End Female (45k) Cable End Male (41k) BNC Cable Stripper.jpg (12041 bytes) Breadboard.jpg (36845 bytes) Radio Shack Calculator
Texas Instrument Calculator TI-30X (51K) CD Jewel Case.jpg (43751 bytes) CD Jewel Case2.jpg (29537 bytes) Chip Tool Micro Chip Tool 35mm Camera w 250 Zoom Lens
35mm Camera w 250mm Zoom Lens Digital Camera Fuji Digital Camera Transparent Side Computer Case (21K) Computer Keyboard (25K) Computer Viewsonic LCD Flat Screen Monitor (16K)
Computer Mouse (15K) Computer Case Keyboard Monitor And Mouse (41K) Conduit Clamp (31k) CPU Heatsink (39k) CPU Heat Sink And Fan Wireless D-Link Router (40K)
External Hard Drive Flashlight.jpg (31406 bytes) Floppy Disk.jpg (30603 bytes) Hard Disk Drive Inductive Amplifier.jpg (28876 bytes) Kingston Data Traveler Elite.jpg (24914 bytes)
Kingston Data Traveler Elite 2.jpg (29122 bytes) Knockout Plug (35k) KVM Switch 16 Port Motel Lamp (20K) 12 Volt Light Bulb (40k) Light Switch
Logic Probe.jpg (24789 bytes) Marr Connector Number 2 (42k) Microphone Computer.jpg (13767 bytes) Network Card3.jpg (52946 bytes) Network Card4.jpg (28570 bytes) Night Light (25K)
Octagon Box (45k) Palm Tungsten PDA (38K) Palm Tungsten PDA (42K) Computer Power Supply Power Supply Computer 12 Volt Power Supply
Power Supply in Case Comp Power Supply Computer Power Supply Box Pliers BNC Crimping.jpg (20911 bytes) Pliers Terminal 10.jpg (20789 bytes) Goose Neck Trailer Plug
5th Wheel Trailer Plug Power Bar (29K) Radar Lantern And Battery (43K) RCA Audio Video Cable 50 Amp Receptical (48k) Wall Receptica Covers For 110 Volt Telephone Network RJ45 And Light Switch (20K)
Recptical Box (57k) RJ45 Crimping Tool.jpg (24000 bytes) Soldering Gun.jpg (23416 bytes) Soldering Iron 2.jpg (23176 bytes) Soldering Iron Small.jpg (23396 bytes) Roll Of Solder (32K)
Speakers Computer.jpg (14715 bytes) Computer Speakers 2 Split Bolt Connector (39k) Surface Mount Light Socket Surface Mount Box (37k) Tachometer Digital B2.jpg (30734 bytes)
Tachometer Digital.jpg (27446 bytes) Tachometer Digital B3.jpg (28806 bytes) Telephone Bud Set.jpg (41639 bytes) Telephone Bud Set2.jpg (30653 bytes) Telephone Wireless Head Set (43K) Telephone Wireless Head Set 2 (45K)
Phone Multi Line (41781 bytes) Toshiba Multi Liine Telephone (69K) Electrical Terminals spade eye fork and hook male and female (43k) Tite Bite (35k) Tite Bite (46k) Tite Bite (36k)
Tite Bite (37k) Tite Bite (43k) Tite Bite (46k) VHS Tape and Case Electrical Tie Wraps Microscope