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These are all large highly detailed CAD files.
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Can be converted for you to most standard formats.
Models will come with any textures or maps required.
These are 3D CAD models, NOT real objects.
All sales final, no refund on 3D CAD models.

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Angle Drive (48K) Automptive Parts Cam Shaft Crank Shaft Piston And Connection Rod Valve And Springs
Ball Bearing.Exploded3.jpg (67430 bytes) Ball Bearing Exploded Complete w Cutout.jpg (40459 bytes) BallBearingSets.jpg (38941 bytes) Bolt and Wing Nut (41k) Carriage Bolt (38k) Butterfly Screw (41k)
Cotter Pins Steel Link Chain (56K) Clevis.jpg (22082 bytes) DC Motor DC Motor Exploded 3 Phase or Single Phase Electric Motor 215T Frame (45K)
3 Phase or Single Phase Electric Motor 215T Frame (48K) Single Phase or 3 Phase Electric Motor 56Frame (36618 bytes) Eye Bolt (45k) Generator Set Stationary Diesel 750MW to 1000MW Generator Set 750kw to 1mw Portable Generator
Portable Generator Set   Hold Down Clamp Hold Down Clamp Vertical Garden Hose Y Connector (42k) Gear Box
Gear Box Open Grab Hook (45k) Hoswe Clamp (41k) Hydraulic Ram (54K) Lag Screw with an Eye (36k) Loctite.jpg (13823 bytes)
Motor And Centrifugal Pump Electric Motor and Centrifugal Pump Oil Can.jpg (20665 bytes) Oil Can with long spout 3 in one oil can Parts Bin.jpg (30111 bytes)
Pillow Block.jpg (29713 bytes) Pillow Block 2 Pillow Block 2 Cutaway Pillow Block 2 in 2 Dimension Pipe Adaptors (38k) Steel Pipe Fittings Half Inch (48k)
1 Inch Plastic Pipe Fittings (42k) Plastic Pipe Fittings 4 Inch (43k) Pipe Valve And Fittings 6 Inch Oil Quart.jpg (14277 bytes) Pump Jack Small Pump Jack Large
Centrifugal Pump Centrifugal Pump R-Clip or R Clip and Pin (40k) Snap Rings Inner and Outer (34k) Quick Couple Female (45k) Quick Couple.jpg (11260 bytes)
Robot Arm Robot Arm with Extensions Roller Chain 1 Inch (62K) Shaft Assembly 2D.jpg (31866 bytes) Shaft Assembly.jpg (70706 bytes) Shaft Assembly Exploded
  Shaft Assembly Toon Spark Plug Background.jpg (25911 bytes) Spark Plug.jpg (18854 bytes) Spherical Rod End
        Thrust Bearing Timken Bearing Tapered Bearing
U Bolt or Muffler Clamp (24K) U Joint (40K) Small U Joint (33K) Number 10 Wood Screw (29k) Valve Stem NPT (49k) Worm Gear