Teds 3D Models


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Custom modeling and changes to these models is also available by email request.

These are all large highly detailed CAD files.
Please request one or more of these formats on your PayPal invoice
Can be converted for you to most standard formats.
Models will come with any textures or maps required.
These are 3D CAD models, NOT real objects.
All sales final, no refund on 3D CAD models.

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22 Cartridge and Box (46K) 5 Of Diamonds.jpg (80878 bytes) 270 Winchester Midland 270 Winchester And Scope AK47 Assault Rifle AK 47 Assault Rifle
AK-47 Assault Rifle AK47 Assault Rifle Baseball (33k) Basketball (48k) Football (45k) Soccer Ball (39k)
Soccer Ball 2 (43k) Tennis Ball (43k) Volley Ball (40k) Beretta M9 Beretta M9 Binoculars B2.jpg (43050 bytes)
Binoculars B22.jpg (28826 bytes) Bobber.jpg (76874 bytes) Bobber2.jpg (87356 bytes) Campfire Grill Wood Canoe (79K) Canoe (19K)
Cartridge Box Small.jpg (27272 bytes) Claymore Mine Claymore Land Mine Coleman Lantern2.jpg (28899 bytes) Coleman Lantern.jpg (25034 bytes) Large Chest Cooler (41K)
Cooler (43K) Colt 45 Colt 45 Dart Dart Board Fishing Reel.jpg (43130 bytes)
Closed Face Fishing Reel (45k) Fishing Rod Fishing Scene.jpg (86621 bytes) Flatfish Small.jpg (83135 bytes) Flatfish.jpg (83958 bytes) Fly Reel.jpg (37565 bytes)
Fly Tying Vise & Bobbin.jpg (39695 bytes) Football Helmet Football Helmet with Saskatchewan Logo Golf Ball (39K) Glock 17
Glock 17 Glock 17 With Case Golf Club Driver Golf Club Wood Wood Driver Golf Club
Driver Wood Golf Club Hand Grenade Hand Grenade 2 Hockey Puck with 2 logos (49k) Lantern.jpg (70672 bytes) Lantern Futuristic.jpg (24143 bytes)
Lead Weight or Fishing Weight (14k) Fishing Leader or Steel Leader (25k) M16-A1 Rifle M16-A1 Rifle M16-A1 Rifle With Scope And Launcher M240 machine gun
M240 military machine gun M240 with tripod M240 machine gun with tripod Pool Balls.jpg (26793 bytes) Racing Helmet P90
P90 Automatic Rifle Rifle Grenade   Sneak.jpg (79959 bytes) Snowshoes or Snow Shoes (45k) Spinner.jpg (82084 bytes)
Sharps 1874 45 Calibre Quigley Sharps 1874 45 Calibre Quigley Scope Or Camera Window Mount Spotting Scope.jpg (21998 bytes) Spotting Scope2.jpg (22985 bytes) Swimming Pool Slide
Swimming Pool Slide Smith And Wesson 44 Magnum like Dirty Harry Smith And Wesson 44 Magnum like Dirty Harry UZI UZI Weaver Scope K4-1
Whistle Winchester 3030 Cartridge3.jpg (17822 bytes) Winchester 3030 Shell Box Factory Open Full.jpg (24235 bytes) Winchester 3030 Shell Box Factory Open.jpg (20415 bytes) Winchester 3030 Shell Box Factory Closed.jpg (21191 bytes) Winchester 3030 Shell Box Reload Open FULL.jpg (41613 bytes)
Winchester 3030 Shell Box Reload Open.jpg (29794 bytes) Winchester 3030 Shell Box Reload Closed.jpg (22567 bytes) Winchester3030 Rifle (77194 bytes) 3030 Rifle Scene (97834 bytes) Remote Controled Airplane Engine RC Airplane Engine