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Custom modeling and changes to these models is also available by email request.

These are all large highly detailed CAD files.
Please request one or more of these formats on your PayPal invoice
Can be converted for you to most standard formats.
Models will come with any textures or maps required.
These are 3D CAD models, NOT real objects.
All sales final, no refund on 3D CAD models.

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Allen Wrench Set.jpg (24406 bytes) Air Nozzle (40K) American Standard Wire Gauge (41k) Anvil Band Saw Bench.jpg (17285 bytes) Band Saw Bench2.jpg (18461 bytes)
Bearing Puller 2 Jaw Belt Sander Skil Belt Sander Bench Grinder or Buffing Wheel or Grind Stone Bench Grinder or Stone Grinder or Abrasive Wheel
Old Blow Torch (75K) Bolt Cutters.jpg (23016 bytes) Load Binder or Boomer or Tie Down      
Bushing Punch (40k) Blind End Bushing Puller Caulking Gun And Tube (49K) Centre Punch (36.4k) Stihl Chain Saw (85K) Stihl Chainsaw (85K)
Stihl Chainsaw O11RV (85K) Stihl Chainsaw Quickstop (85K) Pneumatic Chisel Pistol Type (39K) Chicago Pneumatic Air Chisel (37K) Pneumatic Chisel Inline (40K) Fuji Pneumatic Chisel (38K)
Circular Saw Blade (35k) Clamp C.jpg (16507 bytes) Clamp Pipe.jpg (16722 bytes) Small Clamp (21K) Cold Chisel (48k) Chuck Key
Corner Clamp Crescent Wrench.jpg (23653 bytes) Crescent Wrench2.jpg (24582 bytes) Crow Bar or Wrecking Bar (44k) Die Dormer 58.jpg (17330 bytes) Pneumatic Die Grinder (39K)
Chicago Pneumatic Die Grinder (39K) Dolly.jpg (38163 bytes) Dowel Max.jpg (25703 bytes) Drift Punch or Pin Punch (34k) Cordless Drill Power Drill
Battery Drill DC Drill Drill Bit Set.jpg (20668 bytes) Drill Bit Set2.jpg (21078 bytes) Drill Press Bench.jpg (20221 bytes) Drill Press Bench2.jpg (20567 bytes)
Drill Press Vise.jpg (29984 bytes) Drill Press Vise2.jpg (27445 bytes) Drill Press Vise 2 Drywall Knife   Easy Out.jpg (16196 bytes)
Easy Out 2.jpg (14032 bytes) Electric Drill Electric Drill 2 Fencing Pliers Flaring Tool Flat Bastard File (38k)
Forceps (36k) Straw Fork Floor Jack.jpg (13222 bytes) Floor Jack2.jpg (20347 bytes) Glass Cutter (38k)
Inside Growler Outside Growler Hammer Ball Pein.jpg (33626 bytes) Hammer Brass.jpg (19015 bytes) Hammer Chipping.jpg (14125 bytes) Hammer Claw.jpg (26357 bytes)
Cross Pein Hammer Drilling Hammer Drywall Hammer Masons Hammer Sledge Hammer Hatchet.jpg (13007 bytes)
Hoof Pick (24K) Hoof Trimmer (45k) Impact Wrench Jig Saw (77K) Skil Jig Saw (78K) Bowie Knife
Pocket Knife small (52K) Hoof Knife (30K) Knife Linoleum.jpg (11411 bytes) Knife Pocket.jpg (19377 bytes) Knife Scraper.jpg (12215 bytes) Knife Utility 1.jpg (18325 bytes)
Knife Utility 2.jpg (19472 bytes) Knife Utility 3.jpg (10600 bytes) Knife Utility 4.jpg (11789 bytes)